Weapon Detection

The power of Cellsense Plus and Proscreen 200 are not limited to the detection of cell phones. Its unique detection capabilities and deployment versatility enable the control of hard-to-find weapons across the widest range of settings, including police and correctional facilities, embassies, government and behavioral health facilities.

More than a cell phone detection screener

  • As well as identifying the presence of cell phones – whether they are switched on or off, or concealed inside or outside of the body – Metrasens’ products also act as a blade detection screener. These contraband items present an array of dangers to any environment, and deterring and restricting such items is vital.
  • Guns and other weapons, such as shanks, can be distinguished thanks to our weapon detection technology. Our weapon detectors also provide unmatched identification of telecommunications equipment (i.e. radio receivers and transceivers).

Full body head-to-toe searches in a walk-by

  • Screening large numbers of individuals can be time-intensive with hand wands. With our blade and gun detection equipment you can harness capacity of up to 40 people per minute. Our products have been proven to be more effective and sensitive than conventional archway metal detectors, hand wands or chair devices, and you needn’t compromise on portability.
  • Available for portable deployment or wall mounted screening, Metrasens’ products deliver unmatched weapon detection. Set up in 15 seconds, complete a full body scan in a single walk by, and maximize staff productivity with no need for subject contact or intrusion.

Suitability for all applications

  • The ease of use and effectiveness in both interior and exterior environments ensures your premises can be fully protected. Our gun and blade detection screeners are designed to withstand all extremes, making them suitable for a variety of applications without any adjustments.
  • Both our wall mounted and portable weapon detectors operate 16 hour battery power. Our products can be deployed on covert operations with the ability to screen individuals without their knowledge.

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