Cellsense is deployed in over 38 countries, securing correctional and police facilities in over 20 US States, and safeguarding worldwide embassies, high-impact government buildings, banks and other commercial security applications.

I have purchased 24 of these devices. I can say hands down this is a must have for any agency with a cell phone problem. My correctional officers absolutely think it’s the best thing since sliced bread. You cannot get an operational cell phone (on or off) past this device. It does not matter if it’s concealed in a body cavity. It is also useful to detect weapons,SIM cards, tattoo motors or any other device made of ferrous metal.
James Basinger Jr., Deputy Commissioner, Indiana Department of Correction
Cellsense is by far the single most effective tool in the fight against inmate contraband I have witnessed in my thirty year career with the North Carolina Department of Public Safety.
Chief of Security (ret.) Joel Herron, North Carolina Department of Public Safety, Prisons
Best piece of security equipment we have ever used. We love it.
Warden Bruce Chatman, Georgia Diagnostic and Classification Prison (GDCP)
Cellsense is the best equipment that I’ve ever had the chance to work with when looking for cell phones. I would recommend it to every institution.
CERT Lieutenant Curtis Carter, GDCP
Staff were impressed as to its accuracy and also to the fact that it is portable.
Irish Prison
We have used this scanner on a number of occasions over the past few weeks. It’s an excellent piece of equipment. The fact that it is mobile and easy to assemble anywhere at short notice would make this a valuable tool in the detection of mobile phones and weapons on inmates. It could also deter prisoners from moving phones around the prison as they would be conscious that a search with this scanner could be waiting for them around the corner.
Irish Prison
We have been using the Cellsense portable detector which resulted in a mobile phone being recovered. The phone was one of the really small LZ phones which are very hard to detect using our normal metal detectors. This proves that this new apparatus is very effective, and in my opinion it would be a valuable addition to our “toolbox”.
Irish Prison
We found Cellsense to be an excellent piece of equipment, especially the fact that it is mobile and easy to assemble at short notice in any location. It is useful in the detection of mobile phones and weapons on inmates, and limit the movement of contraband around the prison as inmates would be aware that a search with this scanner could take place at any time.
Irish Prison
Cellsense is working for us. The staff think it is great and we are keen to let other forces see it in operation.
Inspector Barry Sweeny, Gloucestershire Constabulary
The Cellsense device is the most important and effective piece of security equipment I can offer my staff.
Warden Ahmed Holt, Central State Prison
The best equipment I can have.
Deputy Warden for Security John Fagan, Central State Prison
The Cellsense device is a valuable piece of security equipment. Our cell phone findings have doubled since we purchased this equipment.
Captain Johnny Hall, Central State Prison
I would like to thank Metrasens for coming up with some of the very best contraband detection equipment on the market. I have over 40 years’ experience in the field of Corrections and this equipment meets and exceeds our expectations. Our staff here at our detention center have stated on numerous occasions how grateful they are for our ability to obtain them, such high quality contraband detection equipment.
Major Joseph Tyson, Former Chief of Security, Florida Department of Correction/ Jail Administrator Laurens County Detention Center, South Carolina
The device has been wonderful and we have had great success in locating and deterring the cell phones that were inside the prison. We appreciate your help in getting the device to us so quickly. I would highly recommend this device to other prisons who have the problem with cell phones in their institution.
Deputy Warden Thomas, Muscogee County Prison, Columbus, GA
We did a shakedown. We typically run all the affected inmates by the Cellsense first then after they are secured in another location, we run their mattresses by it as well. This time we got a strong hit on one end of a mattress. We set it aside and finished with the others. We came back to the mattress and tried it with a hand wand. The wand did not pick up anything at all. We ran the mattress by the Cellsense again and got the same hit. We tore apart the mattress and found three handmade shanks and the head of a razor. Your product found these items when our former procedure would not have.
Northern California Sheriff’s Department
…we (are) using these devices for three to four weeks in our back gate entrance and during shakedowns. It has stopped the introduction of cell phones in these areas. Prior to this while using another inmate phone service company our total average monthly phone call was 40. Now that we have our new company along with the Cellsense our average monthly calls have gone up to 1,300 per month. We contribute this to the Cellsense stopping these cell phones from getting inside the facility forcing the inmate population to use the provided phone service. We recommend to anyone that has these same past issues we experienced to get this technology.
Warden Robert Geer, Thomas County Jail
A fantastic piece of equipment, quick and easy to deploy a great asset for some of our search operations.
Scottish Prisons Search Team
We have found screening inmates as they return from visits, exercise and court appearances really beneficial in stopping contraband entering the prison. Staff have found the pole easy to use and have started to use it for screening other goods entering the prison.
UK Prison London
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