Ferromagnetic Detection (FMD)

Metrasens brings a new level to contraband detection.  Our products are ferromagnetic detectors that sense movement of ferrous metal objects.

  • Many weapons, metal items, and electronic devices contain ferrous metals such as iron, steel or other less common metals
  • Ferrous metals have magnetic properties, affecting magnetic fields
  • Metrasens’ products senses the distortion of the magnetic field when the object moves nearby
  • Metrasens’ products are entirely safe and does not expose people to any radiations or transmissions

Ferromagnetic Detection System

  • This individual has some sort of ferrous object, which impacts magnetic fields (note curved red lines)
  • At the moment he is far enough away from the product, so the beacon is green

Ferromagnetic Detector

  • As he continues walking closer, we detect the ferrous object and the beacon transitions from amber to a red
  • The unit detects movement of ferrous items. If the individual stops moving completely,  the beacon will turn green, regardless of the proximity of the ferrous object
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