Contraband Detector

Cellsense Plus is not only the most effective detector of cell phones, but its unique detection capabilities and deployment versatility offer you new capabilities in the detection of hard-to-find weapons and other contraband.  Around the world, law enforcement, correctional facilities, courtrooms, and other facilities are successfully utilizing Cellsense as a contraband detector.

contraband detector

An effective contraband detector

  • Cellsense’s unique combination of detection sensitivity, portability and speed of deployment gives you new capabilities to combat contraband. Cellsense adds a new and versatile layer in contraband detection, capable of identifying dangerous items including the smallest of blades, knives, guns, cigarette lighters, tattoo guns, staples, paper clips and more.
  • Traditional metal detectors frequently miss small contraband, especially when concealed, due to the small metal content. However small items, such as razor blades and paper clips, are readily and reliably detected by Cellsense.
  • Cellsense also screens for items which can be used to make tattoo guns, including pen coils, staples, and paper clips. These contraband items can present an array of dangers inside correctional facilities, and deterring and restricting such components is vital.

Full-body head-to-toe searches in a walk-by

  • Screening large numbers of subjects using hand wands is time-intensive and often misses smaller yet significant items. With our contraband and weapon detection equipment, you will be able to reliably screen up to 40 people per minute.
  • Cellsense contraband detectors have been proven to be more effective and sensitive than traditional archway metal detectors and hand wands
  • Available for portable deployment or wall mounted screening, Cellsense delivers unmatched versatility for searches anywhere in the facility.
  • Cellsense is set-up and ready to go in just 15 seconds, completes full body screenings in a single walk-by. Cellsense maximizes staff productivity with no need for subject contact or intrusion.

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