By addressing gaps in traditional security systems, Cellsense Plus®, Proscreen 200™, and Proscreen 500™ add a new layer in the fight to protect your facility.  Consider their use on the following applications:

Cellsense Plus Detects Contraband and All Cell Phones in Prisons

The illicit use of cell phones in prisons is recognized as a worldwide problem. Inmates use contraband cell phones to intimidate witnesses, threaten victims, organize crimes and plot escapes.

Read more about what prisons are doing to combat contraband.

Nothing stops cell phones and contraband like Cellsense Plus

When used alone or in conjunction with other detection solutions, Cellsense provides a new layer of security in your fight against contraband.

  • Rapid and Easy Screening

    Cellsense Plus excels where other detection equipment fails – concealed phones, mini key fob phones, or phones turned off are no match for Cellsense.

  • Cellsense Plus detects challenging contraband too – for example, small blades/shanks, tattoo guns, and cigarette lighters.
  • Cellsense Plus allows the rapid and easy screening of large numbers of inmates—up to 40 inmates per minute can be screened without contact or intrusion, far quicker, more reliable and easier than using a hand wand or chair type device.


Cellsense Plus is Ideal for your Facility

  • Ignore aluminum cans and warehouse goods, but still detect concealed contraband

    Use around non-moving cell doors and other metal objects without false alerting – 50% fewer unwanted alerts measured in comparison with best performing competitive detection product

  • Discovers threat items while ignoring the items prisons don’t care about like aluminum cans, jewelry, joint implants and coins
  • Portable and fast with 15 second set-up
  • With its unique removable base, Cellsense Plus can be used horizontally or at any angle to screen people, bedding, laundry, mail, incoming goods and more with 360° coverage
  • Mattress Search

    Detect contraband by sliding mattresses and bedding under Cellsense

    Can be mounted nearly flush to the wall in tight spaces like mail rooms, booking units and detention centers

  • Interior or Exterior Environments: Cellsense Plus is built to withstand your environment and is resistant to breakage and weather.
  • Portable or wall-mounted options are available. The device is powered by electricity or up to 17 hours on battery power.


Searching People, Items and More:

  • Screen subjects without their knowledge with convert searches behind walls

    Screen subjects without their knowledge with convert searches behind walls

    Cellsense Plus has covert operations capability, so you have the option to screen subjects without their knowledge. A single Cellsense Plus will cover a 3-4 foot (1 m) corridor while two-pillar deployment will cover 6 – 8 feet (2.25m) in cell phone detection mode.

  • To search prison cells, laundry, mail or incoming goods, etc., instruct inmates to carry items, walking single file past Cellsense Plus.

Portable, Full Body Security & Safety Screening

Proscreen 200™ is the latest technology to aid security screening for behavioral and mental health units.

  • More effective and much faster than conventional hand-wands or pat-downs
  • Discrete, non-threatening technology promotes patient dignity
  • Simple for staff, with straightforward deployment into any existing facility.


Learn more

Effective contraband detection for Police and Court Operations

  • booking-roomCellsense Plus is superior in detecting small blades which helps prevent detainee self-harm and safeguards your team
  • Wall-mount Cellsense Plus in entryways such as booking units, detention centers or courtrooms without restricting movement, even in narrow corridors. The unit is always-on and ever-searching for your staff.
  • Make streets and events safer with portable Cellsense Plus to search for weapons and more
  • Secure your courthouse from unauthorized cell phones, weapons, cameras and recording equipment
  • Portable and fast with 15 second set-up
  • Cellsense Plus can be used covertly, without the knowledge of subjects. Place Cellsense behind walls, closed doors or hide behind potted plants

Nothing stops cell phones and contraband like Cellsense Plus.

Proscreen 500™ Secures Government, DOD, and Intelligence Operations

  • Stop unauthorized cell phones, weapons, photographic and recording equipment from entering the secure area
  • Proscreen 500™ excels where other detection equipment fails – small blades, concealed phones inside the body, or phones turned off are no match for Proscreen 500
  • Network capable: Optional network connections for integrating into your existing CCTV/PSIM platform for pre/post event recording
  • Efficient:  Faster and more effective than hand wands, Proscreen 500 scans subjects in a walk by, saving time and keeping the area secure
  • Mobile:  Portable and fast with 15 second set-up
  • Reliable:  No false alerts on non-steel metals such as coins and jewelry
  • Secure:  No software, middleware or firmware that puts your secure network at risk of intrusion
  • Flexible Deployment: Completely portable and wall-mountable, Proscreen 500 can be carried and used anywhere in the facility for covert, unannounced, and routine searches.  Portable and fast with 15-second setup.

Placement Areas for Proscreen 500 on DoD and Military Bases:

  • Sensitive Compartmented Information Facilities (SCIFs)
  • Front gate for MP’s/SP’s
  • Special operations command-and-control
  • Defense Intelligence Agency base offices
  • IT/server areas
  • Courthouses
  • Nuclear weapons storage and deployment
  • Top-secret rated areas/bases
  • Munitions and heavy weapons storage
  • Aircraft hangars
  • SatTel Transmission Centers where RF frequencies and recording devices are prohibited
  • Base brigs
  • Hospitals, including mental health ward and MRI suites

Secure your facility

Stop weapons from entering the area

Loss prevention

Deter theft of cell phones and other electronics

  • Unlike traditional metal detectors, Cellsense Plus is designed to detect today’s low-metal-content cell phones, photographic and recording equipment, and other electronics.
  • warehouse-walk-byCellsense Plus quickly detects as subjects walk by. Processing is faster because Cellsense Plus will not false alert on non-steel items such as aluminum cans, jewelry and coins.
  • Discreet and covert options – Cellsense Plus can detect when hidden from sight of subjects. Place Cellsense Plus in vicinity of subjects but hidden by walls, partitions or potted plants.
  • Portable and versatile: Cellsense Plus adapts to changing needs. In small spaces, mount it to the wall. Completely portable, Cellsense Plus can be carried throughout the facility for surprise searches.

Nothing stops cell phones and contraband like Cellsense Plus.


Protecting facilities from illicit cell phones, weapons and other contraband

Concerned that cell phones are getting past your security?

  • We’ve never seen a cell phone that our products can’t detect, regardless if the phone is turned off, missing the battery, or concealed on/in the body.
  • Besides cell phones, our products also detect small blades, guns, weapons and other illicit items.

Keep ahead in your fight against illicit cell phones and weapons with Cellsense Plus and Proscreen 200.


Preventing theft/loss of cell phones and other electronics

Concerned about inventory shrinkage of cell phones and electronics? 

  • Metrasens’ products detect cell phones and high value electronics, even if turned off or concealed on/in the body.
  • Unlike walk through metal detectors, our products are portable for use anywhere in your facility. It’s faster, more effective and reliable than hand wands, allowing you to screen up to 40 subjects per minute in a single walk by.

Deter theft and control loss prevention in your facility.

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