About Us

Metrasens makes people and places more secure.

Founded in 2005, Metrasens develops advanced magnetic technology built on the belief that we can make the world a safer place.  Our products emulate this belief and are carefully designed to address deficiencies in conventional security practices.  Metrasens provides industry leading expertise in the field of magnetics for use in MRI safety, corrections security, and other security applications..

Today, Cellsense Plus® is deployed in over 38 countries, securing correctional and police facilities, and safeguarding some of the world’s most sensitive security sites. Many of the world’s most recognizable Military, Government and Corporate entities have chosen Cellsense Plus.

Proscreen 200™ is our latest product development, enabling behavioral health and mental health institutions to protect staff, patients and visitors against safety threats and security vulnerabilities.

Proscreen 500™ is launching in the near future, providing portability, flexibility, discretion and security that high security applications need to maintain control of highly sensitive information.


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